Launching of the book “L’élu(e) face au numérique”

We are couverture livrepleased to inform you that the book “L’élu(e) face au numérique” by Pascale Luciani-Boyer (publisher: Berger Levrault) is now available. The book aims at defining the roles of elected representatives dealing with issues in relation to digital technology as well as suggesting relevant organisational models.

Nathalie Dreyfus contributed to the book and thus analysed the difficult issue of the protection of names of local authorities as trademarks. The book is available as from January 2015.

Luciani-Boyer, Pascale,  L’élu(e) face au numérique, De la puissance publique à la puissance citoyenne, un défi majeur des territoires, Paris, Berger Levrault ed., 2015, 200 pages