Best Wishes from Nathalie Dreyfus

Nathalie DreyfusPresenting her best wishes from Ducasse cooking school, Nathalie Dreyfus delivered the present speech.


Good evening all,


It is a great pleasure to have you all here at the firm’s annual dinner tonight.


I always look forward to this event, one which gives us the opportunity to come together and share a wonderful feast and some celebratory drinks prior to the New Year.


This year was a difficult one for France, a year which commenced with the Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket attacks and is ending following a series of attacks on the Stade de France, the outdoor cafés of Eastern Paris and the Bataclan concert hall.


Throughout the year, we were humbled by the large number of messages of solidarity and support which were sent to us by our colleagues from all around the world. We were also lucky to witness strengthened relationships within the firm itself; it is important to feel part of a strong and solid community at such turbulent times.


We as a group at Dreyfus have held firm and have even gone ahead to develop despite these unsettling times in which we now find ourselves.


This development was made possible by all of you and all of your hard work, as well as the outstanding display of mutual support you have all shown each other during this past year.


The firm has and continues to develop further in the field of Intellectual Property and the digital economy.


For better or for worse, these technologies are omnipresent throughout the economy and our daily lives. Naturally the law needs to evolve alongside these changes in order to ensure a certain degree of regulation in a world which we often see as free of any rules.

Even if on a relatively small scale, this is what our firm’s work contributes to.


We work in order to protect companies as well as business founders and innovators. France’s current difficult economic situation highlights a key importance of our work: to contribute to the country’s economic development.


The financial success of some companies is often displayed on the internet. But we also know that the success of these companies derives from hard work, details of which are kept discreet and behind the scenes. One might say, ‘in the kitchen’.


Our firm is in fact one of those kitchens.


We help to protect influential entrepreneurs and businesses, those who make up France’s identity and contribute to its diversity. In particular the catering industry!


You all already know how important this is to me: you need to eat well and appreciate what goes on in the kitchen. That is why I am very happy to welcome you here this evening to the Ducasse cooking school.


However before we eat lets toast to a wonderful New Year ahead. I wish all of you and your loved ones happy holidays and a joyous new year.


Nathalie Dreyfus


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