Multi-class trademark filing in Laos


laos-26833_960_720Following a notification from the Intellectual Property department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic establishes the filing of multi-class trademarks.

A trademark could not be filed in several classes until recently in Laos, such that it was required to file several different trademarks.

Extended protection across the Asian market

Laos finally adopted the multi-class filing system on 1 February 2016, in order to comply with the practice of most of the other countries.

It should be kept in mind that the multi-class system provides many advantages.

As such, this system particularly provides:

  • Declining rates with regards to the taxes of additional classes
  • Simplified management and administration of filing of trademarks
  • Reduced analysing period for the filing of trademarks
  • Easy follow-up and renewal procedures of trademarks

Through their membership to the multi-class system, worldwide trademark owners may extend their protection to the significant Asian market by means of simplified and inexpensive proceedings.

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