Beware of false domain name registration certificates!


xWrongdoers have swindled domain name holders by selling false domain name protection certificates pretending to represent ICANN.

A well-run organisation

The swindlers implemented a well-thought out procedure in order to trick domain name holders. They made false threats aiming in order to scare domain name holders and then offered paid protection services.

They also usurped ICANN’s logo which made the fake certificates look authentic.

ICANN has never delivered certificates to domain name holders and has never directly charged domain name holders, making this practice all the more fraudulent. In fact, the application to register a domain name is always made through an ICANN-accredited registrar.

The role of ICANN

ICANN’s mission is to guararantee stable Internet access to Web users around the world. Since its creation in 1998, ICANN allows for e-mail addresses and websites to run smoothly by acting as a central entity assigning names on the Internet. ICANN’s authority is worldwide and its decisions are binding in all countries.

This attempt of fraud raises the question of the powers of ICANN. This new scam could lead to Internet users questioning the authority of   ICANN and its protection services.