A new law for trademarks in the Cayman Islands


8038145087_511886b0c3_mA new law will be passed soon in the Cayman Islands making it mandatory to file a trademark registration application with the Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office (CIIPO).

A significant change in the trademark law of the Cayman Islands

Previously, under The Patents and Trade Marks Law 2011, it was possible to gain trade mark protection in the Cayman Islands by way of an application for a UK or Community trade mark registration. With only a registration number, extension of that trademark protection could be requested in the Cayman Islands. The CIIPO would then conduct only a minimal examination of the trademark.

Furthermore, since the Cayman Islands is not a signatory of the Paris Convention, priority could not be claimed and trademark protection would be effective as of the registration date. The International Classification system was used and multi-class applications were allowed to the extent that these classes were requested for the registration of a UK or European Community trademark.   Previsouly, the law also required the payment of maintenance fees payable to the Government of the Cayman Islands in January of each year. These fees could be paid up until March 31st of that year. Failure to pay annual fees would result in the suspension of protection of the trademark until payment was received. Beyond twelve months, the Registrar may cancel the record of the trademark.

What changes does the new law bring about?

As of now, the CIIPO will only accept national registration applications made directly to the Registrar.

In addition, the examination process will not be minimal, as applications will be examined on both absolute and relative grounds. There will also be a provision for opposition to the registration of the trademark.

The requirement to pay annual maintenance fees in order to maintain a valid trademark registration has however been retained.

Recommendations for registering your trademark

With the new law, which should enter into force during 2017, the timeframe to obtain a trademark registration will be extended.

We encourage you to register your trademarks directly with the Cayman Islands Registrar so as to prepare for the coming into force of the new law and for the potential issues that could arise. It is better to take prompt action in order to anticipate delays and the difficulties that the national Registrar will encounter in order to adapt to the new law.

Dreyfus & associés will certainly inform you of the developments in trademark law in the Cayman Islands. We remain available should you require any additional information.