Republic of Guatemala: accession to the Trademark Law Treaty (TLT)


guatemala-1460634_640Guatemala’s accession to the multi-class trademark application system 

In addition to being the most populous country, Guatemala is also the the largest economic power in Central America.

Since the conclusion of an Association agreement between Guatemala and the European Union in 2013 , intellectual property law has become a major point of discussion for the country.

Indeed, the agreement has led to a number of reforms, particularly in relation to intellectual property law. New types of trademarks such as holograms, olfactory and sound marks have emerged in Guatemala. In addition, the creation of an online newsletter published on the website of the Registry for Intellectual Property now allows individuals to view the trademarks which are registered in Guatemala online.

The year 2016 therefore marks a further step in the development of Guatemala’s intellectual property law.

On March 31st, the Government of the Republic of Guatemala issued Decree No. 20-2016 concerning the country’s accession to the Trademark Law Treaty (TLT) signed in Geneva on October 27, 1994.

The Trademark Law Treaty is expected to enter into force on December 12, 2016.

The accession of Guatemala to the TLT results in the harmonization and simplification of the procedures for the registration and renewal of trademarks in Guatemala (except for holograms, sound, olfactory and collective trademarks).

Simplifying trademark registration applications 

It will be simpler in the future for a foreign trademark holder to register a trademark in Guatemala given that the same power  can now be applied to one or more applications or to one or more trademark registrations.

The adoption of “multi-class” trademark applications 

Another important development is the introduction of “multi-class” trademark applications in the intellectual property law of Guatemala. 

According to Article 6 of the TLT, a single trademark registration may designate goods and services belonging to several classes.

This system has many advantages, including a simplified management of trademark applications and the reduction of examination time for trademark applications. It also facilitates the monitoring of trademark renewal procédures.

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