Meeting with Jean-Gabriel Ganascia


intelligence artificielle

Dreyfus & associés was honoured to welcome Jean-Gabriel Ganascia on June, 15th 2017, Professor at Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie specialized in artificial intelligence and chairman of the CNRS Ethics Committee, in order to present his latest book « The Myth of Singularity – Should we fear artificial intelligence ? » published by Editions du Seuil.


In his book, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia focuses on artificial intelligence online. In his conclusions, he explains that the use of robots for tasks requiring the subjective appreciation of a human being would not be a perfect guarantee of efficiency. Indeed, according to him, the involvement of a human being will always be necessary. Some tasks could never be performed exclusively by artificial intelligence. For example, regarding moderation of discriminatory speech and incitement to online hatred, how could a robot make the difference between serious and ironic remarks ? Mr. Ganascia’s demonstration fits perfectly into his justification of a « Myth of Singularity », which implies that artificial intelligence is not a danger to humans and will never replace them.

A very interesting interview starring Jean-Gabriel Ganascia can be found by clicking on the following link: -is necessaire_5155371_1650684.html.

Jean-Gabriel Ganascia described his work during the presentation of Respect Zone (, an association that he supports and that actively promotes respectful behaviour on the Internet. Indeed, the social concerns dealt with by this association answer to scientific questions related to artificial intelligence.

Dreyfus & Associés, well aware of the issues raised by NICTs, has proudly adopted the Respect Zone label. Respect Zone fights cyber-violence, harassment, racism, antisemitism, sexism, homophobia, glorification of terrorism and stigma surrounding the handicapped. It offers an ethical label, free of charge, accessible to all those who believe in respect on the Internet and who wish to adhere to Respect Zone’s ethical charter.

The association’s website is available at