Dreyfus has been ranked “excellent” by the Décideur magazine.

This year Nathalie Dreyfus and Dreyfus law firm were yet again recognized as “Excellent” in the category “Best Intellectual Property Law Firm in France” for brands and designs in 2019.

It is an honor for the firm to be ranked by the magazine among the best experts from different areas of law practice from Industrial Property to Tax Law in 50 countries.

Since 2017 Dreyfus has been a recognized expert in domain names and Internet risk mitigation cases – as Décideur Magazine puts it in its 2019 ranking:


Track record: An NTIC specialist, the firm has implemented a new strategy this year to help clients to better comply with the GDPR. Developed for large companies and start-ups alike, the strategy helps integrating the new legislation and anticipating risks on the Internet. It also contains many international cases handled by Nathalie Dreyfus.

Why we are different: Dreyfus team provides custom tailored legal services to clients on a case-by-case basis in order to ensure full protection of their brands and domain names. The firm also has a dual legal and technical expertise that allows handling particularly complex, atypical or exceptional cases. »

We want to thank Leaders League for the recognition.

Dreyfus assists companies in management and valorization of their IP assets such as trademarks, designs, copyrights, domain names and patents in the off-line realm and on the internet.