Webinar April 7, 2020: Internet and Compliance (part 1)

Webinar : Internet and Compliance (part 1)


The rules of the game have changed,

strategies to protect the company and its leaders.





The legal, regulatory and fiscal constraints (resulting in particular from the Sapin 2 Law, the LCEN or the EU
Directive of 23 October 2019 on the protection of whistleblowers) that weigh on companies are increasingly rigorous. Companies must implement a governance policy capable of minimizing their responsibility and exposure to their customers, shareholders and the competent authorities.



Among the aspects to be considered in the context of this compliance are domain names. While they are an undeniable corporate asset, they are also vectors of risk: phishing, fraud against the president, fake sites, identity theft, forged e-mails, and so on.


In the event of a breach, they can also damage the reputation of the company and its managers, resulting in a loss of customers. It is therefore imperative to put in place the appropriate strategies to anticipate the dangers, react effectively in the event of an attack and ultimately protect the company.


The current situation linked to the coronavirus epidemic is increasing the risks, with the number of frauds increasing considerably while companies are disorganized and vulnerable.

We propose to analyse these issues with you, sharing our experience. In particular, we will be able to answer the following questions:

– What are the obligations of companies with regard to compliance?

– What are the risks to be anticipated?

– What strategies should be implemented to do so?

– What are the control points?

– What levers should be implemented to react effectively in the event of a proven breach?