What services does an intellectual property attorney provide?

Intellectual property (IP) lawyers and attorneys provide a variety of services to help protect a company’s or individual’s creations and inventions from being copied or misused. IP lawyers and attorneys specialize in the legal protection of copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. These four areas of IP law are the main focus of IP attorneys, but they can also provide other services related to IP rights, such as drafting licensing agreements, infringement actions and litigation strategy.



When it comes to copyright protection, IP lawyers and attorneys assist their clients in drafting and negotiating copyright agreements, such as transfer and license agreements. In addition, they can help prevent and protect their clients from potential copyright infringement.

When it comes to trademarks, IP lawyers and attorneys can help their clients register their trademarks in France and in the European Union with the EUIPO. They can also assist their clients who would like to register their trademarks internationally and specifically, in the United States, thanks to their partnerships with other firms.  Moreover, they can also advise their clients on how to protect their trademarks against infringement and how to enforce their rights against those who infringe their trademarks.


Furthermore, patents are another area in which IP lawyers and attorneys specialize. An IP attorney can assist a client in filing and prosecuting a patent application. They can also help with patent infringement and licensing disputes.


Finally, IP lawyers and attorneys can help clients protect their trade secrets. They can advise clients on how to protect their trade secrets, such as implementing confidentiality agreements, patents, and non-disclosure agreements. Additionally, they can help clients enforce their trade secrets against those who attempt to use or disclose them without authorization.


In addition to the above services, IP lawyers and attorneys also provide other services related to IP law. These services can include conducting IP audits to identify potential IP issues, providing IP licensing advice and assistance, filing IP litigation, and providing IP   training.


In conclusion, IP lawyers and attorneys can be valuable assets to businesses and individuals who wish to protect their intellectual property. As mentioned above, an IP attorney can provide a multitude of services to help protect copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets. Attorneys and lawyers can be involved at the outset of a client’s project, but also throughout the project’s life and in the event of litigation.