New AFNIC Mediation Procedure: Fast and Free Dispute Resolution for Domain Name Holders

La nouvelle mesure de médiation de l’AFNIC

New AFNIC Mediation Procedure: Fast and Free Dispute Resolution for Domain Name Holders


On July 3, 2023, AFNIC launched a mediation procedure to resolve disputes between right holders and domain name holders. The aim of this innovative measure is to offer parties a free, amicable means of resolving disputes, limited, however, to domain names managed by AFNIC (“.fr”).

The main role of AFNIC (Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération) is to manage the domain name registry in France (.fr).


What Is Afnic’s New Mediation Procedure?


The AFNIC mediation procedure is a free service set up to settle disputes relating to “.fr” domain names. It aims to provide a rapid and effective solution to disputes that may arise between domain name holders, registrars, and third parties. Mediation is based on an amicable process, which means that it takes place without recourse to the courts, enabling the parties involved to reach an agreement without incurring additional costs.

The procedure is simple and accessible to all parties concerned. To initiate mediation, one of the parties must submit a request to AFNIC, providing information on the dispute in question, the domain names involved, and the reasons for the dispute. Once the request has been received, AFNIC can appoint a mediator to deal with the dispute. The mediator must be neutral and impartial.

Once this has been done, the mediator will contact the parties to hear their arguments and help them find common ground. This is a confidential process, usually conducted online. The significant advantage of this approach is that the dispute can be resolved without the parties having to face each other physically.


What Are the Advantages of Mediation?


AFNIC mediation offers a number of advantages for parties involved in a domain name dispute:

Firstly, the mediation procedure enables the parties to reduce their costs considerably, especially when compared with other, much more costly procedures.

Secondly, unlike legal proceedings, which can take months or even years, AFNIC mediation offers a rapid resolution, usually within a few weeks. This is also a real advantage for the parties, especially in view of the long delays associated with the usual procedures.

The mediation process is also confidential, preserving the reputation and confidentiality of the parties involved. The remote procedure facilitates interaction between the parties, who are not obliged to be in the same room or in direct communication to resolve the dispute.

Mediation also enables the parties to find creative, customized solutions that meet their specific needs. In this respect, it is a flexible measure.

Finally, it is a method of resolution that encourages cooperation and communication between the parties, thus facilitating an amicable resolution of the dispute.

AFNIC’s free mediation procedure is a valuable resource for holders of <.fr> domain names faced with disputes. It offers a rapid, confidential alternative to legal proceedings, enabling parties to resolve their disputes amicably. If you’re involved in a .fr domain name dispute, don’t hesitate to consider AFNIC mediation as an effective solution for reaching a fair and rapid agreement. You can well imagine its value in cases where the parties are willing to find an amicable solution… that’s what mediation is all about!


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