Can ICANN provide a solution for IT security problems?

website securityThe DNS NEWS report No. 271 highlights the overall criticism of ICANN solution for not intervening as much as its powers allow in Internet security issues, even though the DNS breaches do not decrease the number of hits. A sort of criticism derives from this observation: should ICANN become a kind of Internet welfare state or should it remain in the background, which would be recommended by the defenders of Internet neutrality.

It should be noted that in 2018, ICANN solution had already undertaken measures to make the Internet a little more secure, by changing the cryptographic key used to protect the Internet’s address book, the DNS (Domain Name System). However, further efforts are expected.
Domain Name System. – V. ICANN, 16 sept. 2018, Approved Board Resolutions [ R]egular Meeting of the ICANN Board).


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