What is the “Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets Strategy Diagnosis”? A new program set up by BPI France

The French Public Investment Bank (BPI France) has set up a  program to help SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and ETIs (Ethical Trading Initiatives and mid-sized companies) who are seeking or looking for help in developing and structuring their intangible assets.  These intangible assets include patents, designs, trademarks and software.



What are the terms of the “Intellectual Property Strategy Diagnosis”? How does Dreyfus & Associés intervene in this respect?


The BPI’s “Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets Strategy Diagnosis” is aimed at SMEs and ETIs registered in France with a workforce of less than 2 000 employees.  It is important to note that a  subsidiary of a group with more than 2 000 employees will  not be eligible for this program.


What is the purpose of this program?


The purpose of this offer of support is to finance an analysis and consulting service provided by an Intellectual property Expert for the protection, structuring and development of Intellectual Property. The cost of such an analysis is generally estimated to be between 3 000 and 10 000 euros (excluding VAT), for a duration of three  to ten  days, and it can extend for up to  3 months depending on requirements to be completed. The BPI finances up to 80% of the experts’ services. This program will benefit Startups, SMEs and ETIs due to the low cost that is being offered to allow them to engage with an Intellectual Property Expert who is registered with the BPI.



More specifically, the BPI provides support that includes an inventory of existing intangible assets, the implemented valuation actions, and an analysis of the company’s maturity in conjunction with understanding the challenges of building these intangible assets.



In retrospect, the “Intellectual Property Strategy Diagnosis” allows the company to obtain a comprehensive strategy of recommendations to be adopted for the management and valorization of assets.



What is the role of Dreyfus & associés, Intellectual property experts?


Dreyfus & associés is registered as an Expert Consultant with BPI France. This registration allows firstly Dreyfus & associés to  advise you on the relevance of such a diagnosis. If necessary, the firm establishes a commercial proposal that can position your  company in its context and explains the issues to be addressed during the diagnosis.



In order for you to submit the application to the BPI, your company will have to create an account on the BPI website and then constitute and submit a complete file.



The file needs to include the online application form, the Expert’s proposal (unsigned), the company’s latest tax return, tax and social security certificates dating back to less than three  months, the company’s up-to-date capitalization table and finally, the Declaration of Aid for the use of consulting and support services in the field of innovation.



When the  file is accepted, BPI France will send you an IP Strategy and Intangible Assets Valuation Diagnosis contract to be signed electronically by the company’s legal representative.




At the end of the diagnosis, the Expert will provide the company and BPI France with a final report including a summary of the context, the issues, the development paths and the recommendations. This final report will be made available within 15 working days.



The « IP Strategy Diagnosis » program set up by the BPI is a real opportunity for small and medium-sized companies seeking to develop their intangible assets. It allows them to obtain a complete expertise from qualified and accredited intellectual property experts at a significantly lower cost.



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