Evaluation and valorization of Intellectual Property assets

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In the dynamic and often complex world of intellectual property (IP) management, understanding the value of IP assets such as trademarks, softwares, and domain names is paramount. For businesses, these intangible assets are not merely legal rights; they represent substantial economic value that can drive growth and competitive edge. Therefore, effective evaluation and valorization of these assets are crucial for strategic IP management, financing decisions, and maximizing returns.

How we proceed

The evaluation of a trademark involves a comprehensive analysis of its visibility, its market impact, and legal protection. The process includes assessing the trademark’s recognition among target consumers, its association with quality or prestige, and the legal breadth covering geographic scope and product classes. Valorization hinges on financial metrics such as revenue from licensing agreements, market penetration rates, and the potential for expansion into new markets or product lines. Strategic use of trademarks can enhance brand value and create new revenue streams through brand extensions.

For domain names, the focus is on evaluating their effectiveness in driving online traffic (SEA potential) and their alignment with a company’s branding strategy. Key factors such as keyword relevance, memorability, and historical traffic data are crucial. Financially, domain names can be appraised based on comparable sales, potential advertising revenue, and their impact on reducing marketing costs. The strategic acquisition or sale of domain names can significantly affect a company’s digital presence and market reach.

Finally, software assets are appraised through both technical and market-driven lenses. Initially, a qualitative analysis evaluates the software’s functionality, user base, scalability, and technical robustness, which includes an assessment of code quality, cybersecurity measures, and compliance with licensing. A financial valuation may consider direct revenue from sales or licensing, the cost to replace or replicate the software, and a market comparison approach. This comprehensive analysis helps ascertain the software’s contribution to a company’s valuation, taking into account its ability to generate revenue, facilitate business operations, or provide a competitive advantage.

Our expert services

Our firm provides specialized services for the evaluation and valorization of IP assets, ensuring accurate and compliant appraisals. We assist clients in strategic decision-making, leveraging our legal expertise and market insights to enhance the value of IP portfolios. Our team, including an expert accredited at the French Supreme Court (Cour de Cassation), is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of legal integrity and strategic insight.

Whether you are considering a merger, acquisition, or need to assess the IP value for financial reporting, our team is equipped to provide detailed analysis and strategic guidance. By engaging our services, businesses can not only safeguard their IP assets but also optimize their value in line with corporate objectives and market opportunities.

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